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What is Headhunting?

Also known as a Full Service Recruiting

  •  Expert recruiting of active and passive candidates with specific experience and skills.
  • We screen, interview, and administer assessments before making an introduction.
  • Minimal to no up front costs and no fees until a placement is made.
  • Placements are GUARANTEED
  • National searches, or close to home – your choice
  • Advice regarding compensation, relocation assistance, related experience to consider, and other ways to help fill the position quickly

Finding Passive Candidates

Recruiting passive candidates refers to the practice of seeking out and engaging with potential job candidates who are not actively searching for new employment opportunities. There are several advantages to recruiting passive candidates, including:

  • Access to a wider talent pool: Passive candidates are not actively applying for jobs, which means they may not be reached through traditional job postings or recruitment methods. By targeting passive candidates, recruiters can access a wider pool of talent with unique skill sets and experiences.
  • Higher quality candidates: Passive candidates are often highly skilled, experienced, and in-demand professionals who are not actively looking for a new job. As a result, they may bring a higher level of expertise and experience to the role, which can result in a more effective and productive team.
  • Reduced competition: Since passive candidates are not actively searching for a job, they are likely not being pursued by multiple recruiters or companies. This can give recruiters a competitive advantage in attracting top talent and reduce the likelihood of losing a candidate to a competitor.
  • Increased retention rates: Passive candidates are often more committed to their current role and less likely to be actively looking for a new job. As a result, they may be more likely to stay with a new employer for a longer period of time, resulting in increased retention rates.

Recruiting passive candidates is a valuable strategy for organizations looking to attract top talent and gain a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

  • Pay-per-hire
  • Fee is based on hired candidate’s compensation

Benefits of hiring a specialized recruiting agenc
Trained & Equipped

Your on-demand recruiter is AIRS certified and trained. They’re also equipped with top tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed Resume, Email Campaigns, Applicant Audience Data, Recruitment Marketing Targeted Ads, and more. We bear the cost of these technologies and put them to work for you.

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The Workforce Recruiter Difference.

Individual and Attentive Service

Recruiting is not “one size fits all.” We work with each client individually to determine what works best for you and your budget. And with any of our services, you’ll have access to an accredited recruiter.

Ultimate Job Visibility

What job board works best when it comes to recruiting? None of them if you’re using just one or two. We’ll manage your campaign on all platforms, deploy our database and technological resources, and market your job to a relevant audience. We’ll also filter resumes and applications so your inbox is never flooded with irrelevant resumes.

Scalable and Flexible Options

As your needs change, our services adapt. Our Campaign Management Services are budget friendly and perfect for routine hires. When it comes to filling a key role, Full Service Recruiting (with a placement guarantee) accesses talent with specific skills and experience. Even if they’re not actively searching for a job, we’ll find them.

Easy + Fair = Delighted Clients.

We struggled to find candidates and spent a small fortune before Workforce Recruiter. Now we use their services to hire employees at all different levels. We are able to use different solutions (and budgets) based on the job – from production floor to executive.

― Bill (Director of Ops in NH)

I only receive qualified candidates in my inbox when we work with Workforce Recruiter. They have fair pricing and helped us stick to a budget while also getting more qualified candidates, quickly. We also use their headhunting services for manager level roles and have had great success!

― Karla (HR Manager in TN)


Some of the Industries we have Helped.

Construction Staffing | Building | Manufacturing | Millwork | Commercial Laundry | Linen Service | Uniform Service | Industrial Maintenance | Technicians | HVAC Staffing | Engineering | Outside Sales | Business Development | Human Resources | Retail | Hospitality | and more.

About Us

Workforce Recruiter is committed to recruiting excellence. That means providing flexible solutions, custom to your business, talent needs, and budget.


Our recruiter holds the CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter) certification from AIRS (Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies), an ADP company. AIRS is the global leader in recruitment training. [Certification #: 6756011]



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