Recruiting great talent has never been more competitive.

And your time has never been more valuable.

When you’ve reached this page, you’re probably in need of people (most businesses are). And we understand that when you need people, your time is even more limited. Our solutions address that by:

  • Finding employee candidates fast
  • Saving you time and headache
  • Making sure great candidates don’t slip away

Regardless of your industry, business size, or budget – we have a recruiting and staffing solution for you!

Full Service Recruiting

Searching for specific skills or experience? We’ll find it, and guarantee it.

What’s Included:
– Expert recruiting of active and passive candidates with specific experience and skills.
– We screen, interview, and administer assessments before making an introduction.
– Minimal to no up front costs and no fees until a placement is made.
– Placements are GUARANTEED
– National searches, or close to home – your choice
– Advice regarding compensation, relocation assistance, related experience to consider, and other ways to help fill the position quickly

– Pay-per-hire
– Fee is based on hired candidate’s compensation

Recruiter On-Demand

Limited budget? Hiring hourly employees? This might be a better fit.

What’s Included:
– Maximum exposure on numerous job boards, optimized based on your budget.
– We’ll deploy our database and technological resources, and market your job to a relevant audience, advertising it to a targeted group of candidates.
– A custom landing page to direct applicants and collect resumes (branded for your business)
– Candidates are pre-qualified and resumes are filtered by an accredited recruiter before they are sent to you.
– Resumes are emailed to you fast, and your inbox is never flooded with irrelevant or under-qualified resumes.

– Hourly fee with monthly minimum, capped based on your budget
– Adjust your budget and the job(s) as needed

Our Director of Recruiting, Matt Smith formerly led and grew his family’s 4th generation industrial business, finding and placing people in many key roles. Matt left operations to pursue his interest and passion for industrial recruiting, knowing what it takes for candidates to be successful in specific roles. Matt holds the CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter) certification from AIRS, the global leader in recruitment training.

Ready to Find Talent? Or, Still not Convinced?

Why not set up a no-cost and no-obligation consultation where our recruiter will discuss your needs and suggest a solution?

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About Us

Workforce Recruiter is committed to recruiting excellence. That means providing flexible solutions, custom to your business, talent needs, and budget.


Our recruiter holds the CIR (Certified Internet Recruiter) certification from AIRS (Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies).


Our office is located in:
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866